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St. Cyril Academy Alumnae Association, Danville, PA 17821-1699      Winter/Spring 2019                                                        


Dear Alums,

School is out but I’m knee-deep in Summer Stage for the next three weeks.  All is well here and I hope you are as well.  It’s nice to hear from some of you from time to time.  It’s really great remembering happy times, and we did have many of them. Best wishes for a wonderful summer!  I look forward to seeing you at the Summer Festival and at the next reunion.  Contact some friends and make it a great weekend!

Lots of love and prayer,

Sr. Donna Marie Ivanko , SSCM (’52)                                                   



Dear Friends,

Wow! Time has flown!  One minute I’m writing about homecoming and the next I’m announcing that the Summer Festival (JULY 13, see ad on last page) is almost here!  I haven’t been resting on my laurels; folks have been writing in about wedding anniversaries, First Communions, grandkids’ college plans and dreams, travel, etc.  There has also been sad news as our number continues to dwindle.  My recent birthday has caused me to think more about the importance of living every minute of every day (even during restorative, afternoon napping).  Now is the perfect time to complete old projects; plan a trip; join a gym; reach out to old friends.   Remember writing letters on Saturday mornings at school?  It was a painful exercise for me.  How much news is there to report from a girls’ boarding school, particularly when you are reminded to give your poor parents a break by being positive in your correspondence?  Really, from where I sat, not complaining made for a very skinny letter.  Only recently, I discovered that some of my schoolmates dabbled in “spycraft”, using predetermined code words to convey certain messages.  Imagine!  Still, the exercise of writing letters assured that we learned that gracious art as we practiced good penmanship.  Times have changed, but maybe not for the better. It would be great if each of us sat down today, handwrote a note on paper,  and sent it through the good old USPS to someone we’ve been thinking about for a while.  It doesn’t matter if the handwriting is wobbly and there are misspellings.  Written communication among friends is seldom perfect but always energizing and sometimes even cathartic.  Imagine the excitement of finding a return note among the bills and flyers in our mailboxes!  Who knows, the concept just might catch on!

Mercy Kowalczyk (’64)


Warm congrats to Susan (Gogolak) Rose (64) and husband, Tom, who celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary of 4 May 19.

Rebecca Ann (Legler) Shelton (’60) has received the 2018 National Recognition from the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution in the sewing category under the American Heritage section.  Rebecca Ann demonstrated and displayed a worked piece of needlepoint featuring the floss technique used in the late 1800s and early 1900s by her ancestress.  Congratulations!

Gloria (Musil) Vadovic (’64) and husband, Joe, just returned from Las Vegas where they attended the First Communion of grandsons Bobby and Michael.  The twins’ parents are Gloria’s and Joe’s son Bob, and his wife Diane.

Anna (Kadvan) Cudrak (’64) wrote that her granddaughter, Sasha, has been accepted into a 5-year Masters Program at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA.  Sasha will study criminal science and law.  Anna is planning to research her Mother’s background in the Pittsburgh area during visits.



Please remember in your prayers the deceased and their families.


Sr. Therese Misencik (’47)—30 June 18, sister of Gertrude (Misencik) Sinchak (d) (’42), Rose (Misencik) Mayton (’45), and Ann (Misencik) Dancik (’50).

Delores (Valenta) Casin (’54)—11 December 18, sister of Rosemarie (Valenta) Foytlin (’40), Eleanor (Valenta) Nelson (d) (’43), Mary Ann (Valenta) Hranek (’51), Lillian Valenta (’55), and Christine (Valenta) Sams (’64).  She was aunt to Linda (Foytlin) Sheehan (’64), Elizabeth (Valenta) Mandak (’68) and Marlene (Foytlin) Kearney (’68).  Her cousins were Dorothy (Foytlin) McMinn (d) (’48) and Carol (Foytlin) Brincka (’60).

Sr. M. Cabrini, SSCM (Mary Steber) (’45)—19 December 18

Clare Grinvalsky (’80)—11 March 19, sister of Roseann (Grinvalsky) Schink (’79) and Susan Grinvalsky (’82).

Elaine (Stancik) Kondracki (’65)—4 May 19, sister of Annette Stancik (’69)

Mary (Yenchick) Novotnak (’44)—22 May 19, mother of Mary Ann (Novotnak) Askam (’67) and Barbara (Novotnak) Mosca (’69).  Mary was the sister of Catherine (Yenchick) Bartol (d) (’40) and Frances (Yenchick) Polchin (d) (’46).  

Lori Ann (Lewis) Esposito (’82)—25 May 19.  Lori Ann was the sister of Wendy (Lewis) Bokrosh (’81).

Family Members:

Barbara Bach—29 August 18, mother of Mary Jane (Bach) Overmyer (’81)

Katherine Savery Gray—7 December 18, daughter of Susan (Lechner) Shwed (’64)

Brian Cannon—26 January 19, husband of Barbara Jean (BJ) Manns (’60)

Katherine M. Charleston Beck—26 January 19, mother of Jeannie Charleston (’61)


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Please include your full name, class, mailing address, phone, and e-mail (we will use this to keep mailing lists current as well as confirm receipt of your item and contact you with any questions/clarifications). If you are reporting a death, please give the full name of the individual, their connection to you and other alumnae, the date of death, and any other salient information.  We are interested in the births of children/grandchildren and their educational and other major achievements.  If you travel, we’d like to hear about your adventures. 

Please submit all items to Mercy Kowalczyk. 

President:  Mary Teresa Berrettini-Molino ’74   745 Arthur Street, Hazle Township, PA 18202 570.578.7507

Treasurer:  Joanne Stahura ‘59   1504 Poolside Drive, Hazle Township, PA 18202 570.436.1839

Secretary:  Vacant

Alumnae Moderator: Sister Donna Marie Ivanko, SSCM ’52  Villa Sacred Heart, 1002 Railroad Street, Danville, PA 17821   570.275.3581

Newsletter Editor:  Mercy Kowalczyk ’64, 441 Twin Streams Drive, Warminster, PA 18974  215.880.2972


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