Please complete the survey (14 items) as soon as possible while your experiences of Homecoming 2018 are fresh in your memory. Your comments, both positive and negative, are appreciated and will help in the planning of the next reunion. Thank you.

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1)   Schedule for the day

2)   Efficiency of registration in the Conference Room

3)   Comment on Continental Breakfast (location, menu, etc.)

4)   Comment on Business Meeting

5)   Comment on Reception at The Meadows Community Center (location, menu, etc.)

6)   I plan to attend Homecoming 2020.

Yes No
7)   Did you purchase professional photos?

Yes No
8)   Comment on the Liturgy

9)   Did you purchase any items for sale?

Yes No
10)   Did you stay overnight at a local hotel? Which one (comment on accommodations)

Yes No
11)   Did you stay overnight in the guest rooms at the Academy?

Yes No
12)   What one-way distance did you travel to attend Homecoming?

13)   Comment on the cost of registration

14)   General comments and suggestions not mentioned above